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About us

Established in 2019, Monica Ferracioli embarked on an experiment with non-dairy gelato at home. However, she soon realized that using fresh, whole ingredients like fruits, unrefined cane sugar, coconut milk and cashews, would not replicate the smooth and airy texture found in traditional gelato or ice cream. Determined to find a solution (and to satisfy her sweet tooth) Monica decided to freeze the same mixture into popsicle shapes. The result was not your typical ice pop nor a traditional sorbet. It was creamy, but not falling into the criteria of sherbet. Sorbae was created through a fusion of modern and classical techniques and for that reason it lives outside of the mold.


With a mission to incorporate globally recognized flavors into the realm of dairy-free frozen desserts, Sorbae's menu currently boasts eight flavors that evoke a sense of various cultures, including Tropical Passion and Coconut. Drawing inspiration from her Brazilian heritage and newfound dairy sensitivity, Sorbae features flavors that are lesser known or unavailable, such as Creamy Guava and Sweet Corn. In a recent innovation, the concept of a gelato panini, influenced by Italian tradition, was embraced and dubbed the "Bae Bun." This unique offering features a vegan brioche bun, filled with a choice of wet or dry toppings, complemented by a scoop of Sorbae's frozen dessert. The result is a delightful combination of a warm, fluffy exterior and a cool, flavorful filling.


Encouragement and support from family, friends, the Eforall Community, and an experienced and multi-faceted partner, all played a pivotal roles in bringing the idea of Sorbae Frozen Treats to life. As a first-generation American, Monica finds motivation in her parents' courage and sacrifices they made when uprooting their family to pursue their dreams. This drive fuels her ambition and dedication cultivating a business that offers wholesome, nurturing products that spread happiness, love, and bring a smile to people's faces.



Sorbae emerged from the collision of a love for ice cream, a passion for hospitality and the enjoyment of learning. Intrigued by the fact that despite the differences we find between ourselves and others, there is usually an underlying similarity to be found. With simple, comforting pleasures like frozen desserts, we hope to recreate flavors that somehow resonate within our customers or provide a unique and uplifting experience. Handcrafted in small batches with quality ingredients and in an effort to expand the accessibility of dairy free options, all of our products are naturally vegan and many are gluten free. Our mission is to bring people together with products that can best be described as a culturally inspired fusion of flavors. 



In minor ways we differ,

in major we're the same.

I note the obvious differences

between each sort and type,

but we are more alike, my friends,

than we are unalike.

- Maya Angelou

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