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Embarking on a flavorful experiment with non-dairy gelato at home in 2019, I discovered that replicating the creamy texture of traditional gelato or ice cream with whole, fresh ingredients was no easy feat. Fueled by determination (and a sweet tooth that won’t quit), I transformed that mixture into popsicle shapes, giving birth to something beyond the ordinary. Sorbae is a fusion of modern and classical techniques, breaking free from the traditional molds.


Sorbae emerged from the collision of a love for ice cream and the enjoyment of learning.Its fueled by a curiosity for various cultures and a passion for innovation. Our mission is to bring people together with products best described as a culturally inspired fusion of flavors. We seek to recreate flavors that resonate within our customers or provide a unique and uplifting experience. Handcrafted in small batches with quality ingredients, our products are naturally vegan, and many are gluten-free, expanding the accessibility of dairy-free options. As part of our commitment, we also aim to introduce more vibrant, unique flavors to the dairy-free dessert scene, offering a delightful array of choices that celebrate variety and creativity. 


Guided by a mission to bring globally recognized flavors to the world of dairy-free frozen delights, Sorbae's menu showcases eight unique flavors that go beyond cultural boundaries. Inspired by my Brazilian heritage and a newfound awareness of dairy sensitivities, our offerings include Creamy Guava and Sweet Corn, drawing influence not only from Brazil but also echoing the distinctive tastes found in other cultures. For instance, our Sweet Corn flavor pays homage to a popular treat found in both Asian and Latin American countries, while Creamy Guava transports taste buds right to the Caribbean. The infusion of Hibiscus brings a touch of African influence to our delightful creations. In a recent burst of creativity, we introduced the "Bae Bun," a gelato panini inspired by Italian tradition. Picture this—a vegan brioche bun, filled with a choice of wet or dry toppings, complemented by a scoop of Sorbae's frozen delight. It's a delightful combination of a warm, fluffy exterior and a cool, flavorful filling, bringing innovation to every bite.


This culinary journey is a celebration of the rich tapestry of global flavors, acknowledging that, despite our differences, there is an underlying similarity waiting to be discovered.


"In minor ways, we differ, in major, we're the same. I note the obvious differences between each sort and type, but we are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike."  — Maya Angelou


Sorbae Frozen Treats didn't emerge in isolation. Encouragement and support from family, friends, the Eforall Community, and my experienced partner played pivotal roles in bringing this sweet dream to life. As a first-generation American, I draw inspiration from the courage and sacrifices of my parents, which fuels my passion to establish a business dedicated to spreading joy, love, and creating moments of pure happiness that bring smiles to the faces of many.


Discovering that dairy and gluten didn't align with my body marked a pivotal shift in my lifestyle. As someone who thrives on the trial-and-error process, frequently experimenting in home cooking, this journey extended to attempting homemade gelato. Passion for sharing happiness and creating joyous environments led to the creation of treats that transcend dietary restrictions. These delights are crafted to satisfy all sweet tooths, ensuring that joy knows no boundaries.

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